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Mi Raza Restaurant is a Honduran Restaurant in Winter Park, FL

Welcome to Mi Raza Restaurant , a Honduran restaurant located in Winter Park, FL. Our family owned and operated establishment is known for its signature Latin food , in which the recipe was past down for generations. We offer a wide variety of traditional and exotic dishes that are absolutely delicious and appetizing. We have a great selection of options that you can choose from our extensive menu. The types of food we serve include traditional black bean soup, grilled chicken, seafood, ribeye steak, ceviche and more. We also have a lounge and bar area where we serve imported beers, sangria, wine, and mojitos.

Our Mexican restaurant is committed to becoming the number one spot in the Winter Park area that serves the best, authentic Honduran cuisine . Our restaurant features a magical blend of Latin soul and Mexican spirit perfect for an occasion like a romantic date or a family gathering.

Enjoy the many great tastes of Mexican cuisine today at our  Latin American restaurant ! If you are interested in eating at our restaurant or would like to learn more about what we have to offer on our menu, go ahead and contact Mi Raza Restaurant for more information.


Mi Raza Restaurant is a Honduran Restaurant in Winter Park, FL
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  • Authentic Latin Cuisine
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Best Restaurant in the Area

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  • Winter Park, FL

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